Dozens Throng To Compound In Wiamoase To See Ghana’s First Apple Tree

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The news of Ghana’s first apple tree has been wildly spread on social media and catching a glimpse of it is the only option for people who lived closer to the place.

Growing up, one may have heard the myth that the soil in Ghana does not support the growth of apple fruits.

The development has since divided social media users as some do not think it is really an apple tree, proving their claims with photos of the tree downloaded from the internet.

According to the owners, the tree was planted by a young lady who died shortly after it took root.

Shortly after the news hit Ghanaians, dozens of Wiamoase natives went to the compound to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon. They took photos with their smartphones for evidence.

The owners are also calling on agricultural researchers and experts to come and examine the tree, and if possible make available seeds and seedlings for mass production.

This according to them will curb further importation of the fruit in the country.



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