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Never in a million years did I ever think I’d live to see a blue dog!

According to a story run by Al Jazeera, animals, mostly dogs from an industrial part of Mumbai, India are turning blue and this is all due to pollution.

Apparently, a company that makes dye is releasing waste into the river nearby and once the animals, such as dogs and birds take in the contaminated water, they end up changing the color. This not only affects their color but the contaminated water also means that their inner organs such as the liver and kidney could become infected due to the chemicals in the contaminated water.

Blue dog

Image: YouTube

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However, according to an article by National Geographic, the dogs turned blue after they managed to sneak through a fence into a contaminated river that’s surrounded by industrial companies to cool off.

Animal care workers managed to capture one of the dogs that was then taken to the clinic and they found that he/she was healthy and perfectly fine and the color washed off after a few days.

However, the pollution control board of India is investigating the ‘blue dogs’ phenomena that has now taken the interweb by storm and they will release a report soon.

Pollution is a massive problem in many parts of the world such as China and India. I mean, when you think about the fact that Kenya was named as the least toxic country in the world, it begs the question, just how polluted are other countries?

Governments around the world need to do something about pollution which is really endangering the lives of living beings.