DJ Evolve’s Father John Orinda Defends Babu Owino

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John Orinda, the father to DJ Evolve who was allegedly shot by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, has dismissed assertions that the controversial lawmaker has not been supporting his son.

Mr. Orinda stated that the legislator has been in constant communication with the family after the gun drama that saw the DJ become bedridden.

He said the drugs that his son needs at the moment are expensive and the MP can has been catering for them.

He told Citizen Digital:

“Vile aliingia kwa nyumba naona iko improvement na iko dawa analetewa, yule anayeleta hizo dawa ni Babu Owino. Nurses wako naye mchana na usiku na hao pia ni Babu Owino aliprovide. Naona kama Babu Owino si mtu mbaya sana ingawa hatujakutana naye tuongee lakini hajapotea,”

The DJ’s father who was addressing the press on Thursday evening noted that though his son is still in immense pain, he remains optimistic that he will gain his full health in the long run.

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