A Spanish Man Tried To Escape Coronavirus Quarantine By Dressing In Dinosaur Costume

A person in an inflatable dinosaur costume in Spain was caught on camera getting stopped by police for flouting the country’s lockdown restrictions.

The viral video, which was tweeted by the police department, begins with the police vehicle slowly approaching the Tyrannosaurus rex as it waddles across the street in the crosswalk.

One of the officers then gets out of the car and briefly chats with the costumed character on a street corner while a camera from above captures the moment of levity.

Moments later, the dinosaur is on its way again, ambling down the street before the video ends.

Throughout the video’s entirety, the theme song to “Jurassic Park” plays in the background.

The local police department used the encounter to remind residents to comply with the country’s travel restrictions, which permits brief dog walks, but not walking around in a dinosaur suit.

Spain has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus, leading Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Saturday issue the partial lockdown as part of a 15-day state of emergency.

The country, as of Wednesday, has reported over 11,000 cases and nearly 500 fatalities — the second most of any European country, behind Italy.


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