DCI’s Cheeky Response After KOT Mocked Them For Arresting ‘Mathe Wa Ngara’

On Tuesday, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations reported the arrest of four people after a consignment of bhang and Sh 13.4 Million in cash was recovered in Kariua slums, in Ngara, Nairobi.

Ms Teresia Wanjiru and three juveniles aged between 16 and 17 years were put in custody for further questioning following the operation, and they are expected to be arraigned in court on Wednesday.

The four suspects were arrested at the crime scene during the operation conducted by sleuths from the Anti-Narcotics Unit and Trans National Organised Crime Unit with the help of Anti Terror Police Unit based at Parklands who raided the area following intelligence.

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Things recovered in Tuesday’s raid included two gunny bags with millions of shillings stashed in them, 26 bags of bhang, 4 cartons of rolling materials, 173 packaged sweets and a carton of suspected weed cookies.

Following the arrest, social media was on fire with netizens alleging that the arrested lady, Ms Teresia Wanjiru is the popular ‘Mathe wa Ngara.’

There were mixed reactions from Kenyan netizens with some wanting to know if the suspect is indeed the popular known drug dealer as some mocked the law enforcers over the arrest.

Some people compared the arrested suspect with the famous Mexican drug lord ‘El Chapo.’

A Twitter user replied to the DCI informing them that despite allegedly arresting ‘Mathe’, they cannot close down the popular spot referred to as ‘Kwa Mathe.’

“You can arrest mathe but you can’t arrest kwa mathe,” @iamgrande wrote.

In their reply, the sleuths dared the Twitter user to show up at the popular spot unarmed.

“Sawa. Tupatane kwa mathe. Na mtu asije na mawe,” DCI replied.

Despite the rumor on social media, there is no clear confirmation given by authorities that the arrested suspect is anyhow linked to the popular ‘Mathe wa Ngara.’

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