So, An Imnate Cuts Off His Manhood In Police Cell In Volta Region

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A routine check on inmates at police cells in Ghana’s Volta Region turned out weird when a suspect was seen ending his life by cutting off his manhood with a sharp object.

Thomas Agbezuke, 35, who has been remanded at the Abor Police Station for attempted murder, was bleeding profusely in what has been described by the police as a horrific scene.

On-duty officers, who sensed danger quickly rushed the victim to the Sacred Heart Hospital at Abor for treatment.

Images sighted by show the man lying on a stretcher with blood oozing from his groin region as medics race with time to save him.

Shocked at the development, the Volta Regional Police Command has directed all District Police posts to step up security at various police cells to prevent such incidents.

Police were yet to retrieve the object used by the Afife native to commit the act. Investigations have commenced into the bizarre incident.


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