Your Health Is In Your Hands – Doctors Tell Ghanaians As COVID-19 Gets Out Of Control

The new year has been met with an unprecedented rise in COVID-19 cases in Ghana.

This has placed enormous amount of pressure on the country’s health care workers as hospital wards begin to fill up at a faster pace.

There have been several calls for the country to go into a second lockdown.

The Ghana Medical Association has warned of hospitals and Intensive Care Units (ICUs) being overwhelmed by Covid-19 cases.

As at January 11, the number of confirmed active cases – as reported from the website of the Ministry of Health – stands at 1,404. Figures from the Ministry of Health shows a spike in daily numbers since December – this has been linked to indiscipline, flouting of covid-19 protocols and the elections.

One concern has been the cost for testing as well as the lack of contact tracing on the part of the Ministry of Health. These issues, according to the GMA, has led to the increasing spike in Covid cases.

Even as government races to curtail the spread of the virus, suspicions of a suppression of Covid-19 data keeps rising. Journalists and some medical professionals are doubting the figures being churned by the Ministry of Health as they argue that they (the figures) are in sharp contrast with the reality at various medical facilities.



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