Couple Reconciles After Dangerous Fight Inside Speeding Vehicle

A video that emerged showing a female passenger screaming for help inside a speeding Toyota Probox along Thika Superhighway has raised concern about what could have happened during the incident.

Police Spokesperson, Bruno Shioso confirmed that authorities are aware of the incident which happened over the weekend while Kasarani Police Station sub-county Police Commander Peter Mwanzo said that the driver had been arrested.

In the video captured by another motorist, the female passenger can be heard shouting for help as the car door dangerously swings open but the driver continues speeding.

Couple Fight

According to Shioso, police established that the two occupants in the vehicle were in a relationship and that the incident was a manifestation of a fight they were going through.

“Yes, it happened. But not a kidnapping situation as thought from the clip. It was a boyfriend-girlfriend situation disagreement after a day out. She’s a student at KU and had a scuffle with her boyfriend who wanted her to accompany him for the evening. The clip captured her resisting as he tried to drive off,” he explained.

The police spokesperson added that the two had agreed to reconcile and move on from the fight.

“They have been with the police today having reconciled. But the act was reckless and put her and other road users in danger. Police will determine appropriate action thereafter,” Shioso added.

It is said that the driver had picked up his girlfriend who is a student at Kenyatta University and wanted her to accompany him for the evening.

Despite the couple’s reconciliation, the man was arrested and detained at Kasarani Police Station.

“We will charge him in court because of the manner he handled the incident, it could have easily turned fatal,” the Kasarani Police Station sub-county Police Commander explained.

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