Here’s How The Coronavirus Has Turned Wuhan, China Into A Ghost Town

The city of Wuhan, China has been under lock-down since January 23rd, when the coronavirus outbreak started.

At the time of this story, more than 20,000 people have been infected and over 630 have died in China alone. The number of confirmed cases around the world has risen to 31,420, out of which, 31,000 cases are from Mainland China.

Here are some heart-breaking photos and videos from Wuhan that shed light on the impact of the Coronavirus in Wuhan.

1. Doctors and nurses have to work at all times with virtually no time to rest.

2. Here you can see them sleeping on the floor and chairs.

3. Because the hospitals are flooded with dying and very sick patients.

4. The city of 11 million people and virtually no one can be seen on the street.

5. More than 1000 beds have been set up at an exhibition centre to treat affected patients.

6. Sadly, lifeless bodies are lying on the streets of Wuhan.

7. Here is a pilot in a protective suit is one of the most haunting pictures.

8. People are wearing plastic containers on their heads as a protective mask.

9. This looks like something out of a movie.

10. Chinese cities have been completed shut down.

11. Along with ane empty street, stores and offices.

12. This is a hospital that was built exclusively to treat coronavirus patients in Wuhan.

13. The cities public trains grounded

14. Nurses treating coronavirus patients left with marks on the face due to masks

15. A Chinese doctor dies after contracting coronavirus while treating patients.

16. Authorities had to fumigate the entire city

17. A very EMPTY city


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