The Lady Accused Of Having Coronavirus In Kenya Says Government Is Lying In A New Video

Allegedly the woman accused of having Coronavirus COVID-19 has spoken out in a viral video, responding to claims that she was infected.

In various posts shared on social media, a number of people wished her well and quick recovery, forcing her to respond to the pages, affirming that she was well and with her family.

On Friday, March 13, the woman who identified herself as Jen (Jennifer) argued that she did not have the disease, noting that the government had warned Kenyans of sharing and posting fake news.

In the video the woman stated:

“Stop sharing all the propaganda. We don’t have any Coronavirus. I recently travelled to Kitale. I did not use public transport, I used a private jet.

“All the time I was in Kenya, we used my father’s vehicle. We also went to Keiyo, Eldoret and flew back to Nairobi. We were screened on our arrival and tested and we are good. We love you all,” the woman clarified.

Here is the video of Jen responding to the coronavirus in Kenya:

…and here


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