Conjestina Steps Out Looking Dapper In Suit As She Starts Job As Sonko’s personal Bodyguard

Conjestina Achieng is not a new name in the entertainment industry. For years she was popularly known for her boxing skills which saw her make a name for herself.

However, a few years into her career and the lady fell ill and could not continue with her journey as a boxer.

With no job and no immediate family in Nairobi, the boxer was then forced to relocate back to her rural home before Mike Sonko came to her rescue.

Since then, it is reported that Mike Sonko enrolled Conjestina in several rehabilitation centres, some which helped for a while but some worsened her condition making it difficult to recover.

Conjestina Achieng'
Conjestina Achieng’
Conjestina Achieng joins Mike Sonko's security detail team. PHOTO/Mike Sonko

However as seen in new photos shared online, Conjestina appears to be fairing better than ever. Well unlike before, she now looks healthier and happier which is a major step for both her and grown-up son.

Now that Conjestina has fully regained her sanity, politician Mike Sonko decided to reward her with a new job which will see her play head of security at his Salama Bling Beach resort.

To prove this the politician recently shared new photos and a video of a stunning healthy-looking Conjestina carrying his briefcase from the backseat.

Looking closely one can also tell Conjestina has not been missing any meals hence the glow that complemented her entire look.

Having stepped in back in 2018 after Conjestina’s mental health was made public, Mike Sonko has since been putting in efforts to help the mother of one stand on her own two feet.

So far Mike Sonko has seen Conjestina in different rehabilitation centres before she was flown to Mombasa Women Empowerment Network Hospital in Miritini for treatment.

And in 11 months, Conjestina’s transformation is visible as she now appears healthier than we have seen in the past 13 years.

Back in 2010, the boxer’s father appealed for help from the government after seeing her daughter lose her mind after years of serving the sports industry.

At the time, Conjestina was said to have become violent and was hooked on alcohol which saw her health take a turn for the worse.

Anyway, now that she is better and ready to work – Mike Sonko also explained the reason he changed his mind about hiring her at his club in Mombasa.

My initial plan for Conje (Conjestina) after healing was to employ her as the Head of security operations at the international Club Volume but changed my mind after thinking through what she has gone through before on drug and substance abuse. I don’t want her around any environment associated with drugs. Conje will be the gym instructor and head security at Salama Bling Beach resort, Kanamai,” Mike Sonko explained as he opened up on Conjestina’s progress.

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