American Rapper T.I Calls For The Compensation Of Descendants Of African Slaves

American Rapper, Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., better known by his stage names T.I. has reached out to Lloyd’s of London, a British firm to compensate the descendants of African Slaves.

According to the rapper, he  believes that the British firm played a “shameful role” in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

In an open letter, to the company, the “Live Your Life” hitmaker, indicated that the success of the British Firm was entirely based on the sacrifices of African slaves. Sharing a screenshot of the letter on social media, T.L wrote:

We demand equitable financial consideration for their “shameful role” (quoting them) they played in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Our people have been financially impaired & economically disabled due to the systemic oppression and institutional racism it leaves behind“.

He continued that

Our demands are clearly stated in the letter above. Any & everyone who agrees with the message & intention of the letter hit the link in my bio to sign the petition. IF WE WANT REPARATIONS WE HAVE TO DEMAND IT‼️ LIFE IS ABOUT LEVERAGE‼️ Asking nicely will only get US more of the same excuses “Why Not” as usual. TIME TO TAKE WHAT WE KNOW OUR ANCESTORS DESERVED & DIED FOR‼️


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