CMB Prezzo Reveals He Is Now Hawking Avocados To Stay Afloat

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As Covid-19 continues to ravage economies across the world, millions have had to adapt, and legendary Kenyan rapper CMB Prezzo is one of them.

In a recent interview with Jalas on his popular YouTube channel, the rapper revealed that the coronavirus pandemic pushed him to think outside the box and give Kenyans what they love the most. Avacado.

Prezzo is so proud of his new hustle that he mentioned it in P-Unit’s latest song Hot Step, featuring him.

In the song, Prezzo raps:

”Niko na essentials za ma avocado. Makarao kwa roadblock songa kando,”

And when pressed to say more, he confirmed his new hustle saying:

”Yes I am an essential service provider. I supply avocados. This is the best part about being an artiste. You use what you have to make songs. That was my situation and I fused it in my lines,”

He did not disclose where he sells his avocado but confirmed its a booming business on his side.

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