Clemento Suarez Tells Akufo-Addo “If eLevy Is A Good Thing For You Before God, Continue”

Comedian, Clemento Suarez has taken to Instagram to express his frustration over the implementation of the controversial Electronic Transaction Levy popularly known as E-levy.

surez nana addo elevy

He is contemplating using cash since he is being double-taxed for a single transaction. The comedian in an emotional letter to President Akufo-Addo appealed for answers.

Below is his letter

Dear @nakufoaddo,

The brightness of the day has given me the opportunity to write to you this letter

How are you? I hope by the grace of God you are as fit as a fiddle. Nana, I know other networks charge on money transactions that is why I chose @vodafoneghana . When you send money; from voda to voda- no fee.

From voda to any other network- no fee and I have been living my life cool like that.

Nana, I pay tax on the money I receive in my wallet, I pay tax on things I patronize (goods/services)

Please if you can help me, kindly explain to me the reason I should pay tax on the money you have already collected tax on when I’m going to use it to buy the something that is also already taxed.

You (government =income tax) I know, my bank – I know, @vodafoneghana I know, please who is E-levy and what job has he done for me to be charging me?

Please tell people who will be expecting me to send them money via my vodacash that until I receive a reply from you, I’m closing my mobile wallet and going back to cash system.

Thank you for reading this letter. If you will look at God’s face and collect people’s money by force sei aa…’s fine

Yours fa_me_sika_ma_me

Scribbling from the harbour city

Clemento Suarez

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