Christians Are Responsible For At Least 70% Of All Corruption In Ghana – Rev. Frimpong-Manso Reveals

The Church must play a crucial role in combating corruption in the country and it must do so decisively starting from within.

This is the position advanced by Reverend Professor Paul Frimpong-Manso, President of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC).

rev frimpong manso

Without citing any scientific data, the top clergyman suggested that Christians, contrary to the tenets of the faith, were complicit in most high-level public sector malfeasance year in and out.

“How do we defend the Christian faith when 70 per cent of all monies siphoned illegally from the public purse every year were stolen by Christians who are supposed to be the Light and Salt of this world?

“How can the Church as the Body of Christ defend the Christian faith in these last days in a morally degenerating and corrupt society where the lack of fear of God and the love for money is reaching the tipping point?” he asked.

Rev. Prof. Frimpong-Manso according to a Ghana News Agency report added that a defence of the Christian faith went beyond “mere rhetoric, sloganeering, condemnation and militancy.”

He identified corruption as a spoiler to the country’s democracy, its stability and development efforts calling on the Church to act as the bulwark to curbing financial malfeasance.

“Defending the Christian faith will require the Church and every Christian not only to speak up against the canker of corruption in society but also hold ourselves accountable first, by teaching and disciplining the corrupt public officer and private businessperson in our Churches to eschew corruption and petty stealing,” he said.

He urged pastors and church leaders not to just extol members who gave huge sums of tithes, offerings, and other monies to support God’s work but probe and be sure of how those individuals raised such monies, the GNA report added


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