Chinese City Finally Bans Eating Of Dogs And Cat In Wake Of Coronavirus Pandemic

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Lawmakers in the Chinese city of Shenzhen have passed a ‘historic’ law that bans the eating of pet meat and other exotic animals.

Touted as the Silicon Valley of China, Shenzhen is home to over 13 million people and also popular for the “Wet Market” which is linked to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The new law also bars the indigenes from eating cats, dogs, snakes, frogs and turtles.

Under the Shenzhen ban, fines for serving banned animals at restaurants would range from 20,000 to 200,000 yuan (£2,200–£22,000), The Guardian reported back in February 2020.

chinese pet law
Dogs waiting to be slaughtered at a Chinese market in Yulin

The historic new law which will come into effect on May 1 has been hailed by animal rights activists and are hopeful for a nationwide ban.


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