This Reporter Was Caught Cheating When Half-Dressed Woman Walks By During A Live Home Broadcast

Now that the world is well over a month into the coronavirus pandemic and most people have spent weeks not going in to their job sites, everyone seems to be getting used to having to work from home.

While earlier, there were instances of topless parents walking in on reporters’ at-home live shots, or video conference participants going to the bathroom in front of co-workers, now those kinds of occurrences are more rare, but an epic one just happened in Spain.

A news anchor named Alfonso Merlos was hosting a show live on YouTube from his home and unbeknownst to him, during it he created a huge scandal.

That’s because as the 41-year-old spoke, behind him, a scantily clad woman casually walked by in his bedroom, and it was definitely not his well-known girlfriend, Marta Lopez, who gained fame on the Spanish version of Big Brother.

Instead, eagle-eyed watchers figured out that it was 27-year-old journalist named Alexia Rivas

Merlos stayed quiet about the scandal for a few days but has since appeared on a Spanish talk show to explain himself. He said that he is no longer with Lopez but also stated,

“If you think that my attitude has not been correct or that there are things that I have not done well. I have no problem asking for forgiveness, although my goal was not to harm someone else.”

Rivas backed up his story and said she has been dating him for a few weeks and he was single when their relationship began, telling Socialite,

“I didn’t get into a relationship, he told me he was single. We have been [seeing each other] three weeks.”

However, Lopez said it’s all news to her and called it “shameful.” She told Lecturas that she and Merlos recently had an argument about an ex-boyfriend of hers that caused them to spend a little time apart explaining,

“I had been mad at Alfonso for four days. He didn’t want me to do something that affected my family. I did it, and he got mad. We argue.”

Before then, she said she had been in lockdown with Merlos since March 12.

As if the cheating weren’t bad enough, people were also angered since it seemed the pair broke Spain’s social distancing rules to be together.

No word on where things now stand for Merlos, Lopez and Rivas.


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