Charles Sogli: Tallest Man In Ho Who Stopped Schooling Because Of His Big Feet

Meet Charles Sogli, the tallest man in Ho who dropped out of school because he could not get footwear for the size of his feet.

Charles Sogli is a 22-year-old man who had to drop out of school because he could not get footwear to fit the size of his feet…as a result he has decided to learn a trade as a welder.

However, Charles believes his apprenticeship could be truncated if he is unable to get footwear that fit his feet properly in order to help him carry on with his informal education.

Charles Sogli measures 16 inches and is believed to be the tallest man in Ho. However, he finds it difficult moving about due to the largeness of his physique. He is appealing to Ghanaians to help him with footwear and perhaps a multipurpose vehicle to help him more to and fro.

Sogli, comes from Ziope in the Agotime-Ziope District of the Volta Region.

He is the third of five siblings and the only one with the unique feature.


Source: GH Base


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