Video: Mob Sets Cement Truck On Fire For Running Over Pedestrian

An irate mob in Eldoret has set a truck loaded with cement on fire after its driver allegedly ran over a pedestrian at the town’s Annex area on Wednesday evening, July 29.

According to reports, the driver fled from the scene leaving the truck behind with the witnesses, mostly bodaboda operators who did not hesitate to set the vessel ablaze.

According to a journalist who spoke to, the driver attempted to leave the scene of the accident to no success.

The source reported that the driver was trying to make way so he would go to the nearest police station but the mob was uncontrollable.

They sped after him on their bikes and caught up with him, blocking his way therefore forcing him to run for his life.

Police and firemen arrived at the scene of the burning truck, making efforts to put off the raging fire.

It is unclear what happened to the victim of the accident.

Here is the video:


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