Care Worked Jailed For Life After He Was Caught Raping 99-Year-Old Dementia Patient

Philip Carey was caught after the woman’s family installed a covert camera in her room as they had become concerned about her.

The family of an elderly dementia patient subjected to a “horrific” ordeal when she was raped by a care worker say they have struggled to “come to terms” with what happened.

careworker jailed

Phillip Carey, 48, pleaded guilty to raping the woman, who suffered from dementia, when he appeared at Preston Crown Court. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said the woman’s family became concerned after they noticed that her behaviour had changed.

They said she had grown fearful, wouldn’t allow physical contact and began pleading with them not to leave during visits, saying “don’t leave me, they will hurt me”.

The family became so concerned that they installed a covert camera in her room to try and discover what was causing her so much distress.

One day, soon after installing the camera, they were looking at the live feed when they saw Carey enter her room.

It was then that they saw, to their horror, Carey rape and sexually assault their beloved relative.

They immediately called police and he was arrested.


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