Captain Smart Tells Kwabena Duffour “We Don’t Need Another Old Man As President”

Maverick broadcast journalist and morning show host of Onua TV/FM, Captain Smart has put some spokes in the wheels of veteran politician, Dr. Kwabena Duffour.

The former Governor of the Bank of Ghana has made his intentions clear to lead the NDC in the 2024 General Elections as he has started media campaigns with his ‘Ghanaian dream’ mantra.

Although Kwabena Duffour’s age is not readily known the maverick journalist says that Ghanaians have had enough of ‘old men’ leading the nation as they have done absolutely nothing to change our fortunes.

He says they promise so much but do very little when they are handed political power and that Ghana will never vote for an old man like Kwabena Duffour again.

Speaking during his program he said that Dr. Duffour is a nice gentleman and loves his personality but for the Presidency it is a big no as Ghanaians are tired of old men.

“I have come to realize that the old men do not seek anything good for the country. Dr Duffour, you are a very fantastic man and I really love your personality. But for the presidency, it is a no. We are no longer going for an old man”, Smart said.


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