Captain Smart Finally Says Goodbye To Angel FM

Controversial radio personality, Godsbrain Smart (Captain Smart) has finally arrived at a decision on his future with the Angel Broadcasting Network.

Captain Smart was last month handed a one-month suspension by his Chief Executive Officer, Dr Kwaku Oteng, over what was described as his constant verbal assault on the President of Ghana, his Vice, the Inspector General of Police and former President J. A Kufuor.

However, according to Captain Smart, the decision to suspend him had arisen as a result of pressure on his boss by some persons in the corridors of government who felt slighted by his usual criticism of the government’s failures.

Owing to the circumstances surrounding his suspension, Captain Smart after establishing his own media brand had given public indications of an unlikely return to the ABN group, and he confirmed the suspension on Friday night during a broadcast of his Smart Show on Facebook Live.

Captain Smart who sounded resolute about his decision said he was no longer interested in returning to Angel FM where he moved from Adom FM almost a year ago.

According to the outspoken anti-corruption campaigner, he was not going to be able to stop his criticism of the government over its failures if he were to ever return to Angel FM and thus urged his employer to convert his suspension into a dismissal.

“I initially said I wanted an extension to my political suspension but Dr (Kwaku Oteng) I am grateful for the opportunity, please sack me. I am not coming back. I beg you in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit please sack me because I am not coming back… You have not wronged me and I have no issues with you but what you told me yourself was that I was making somebody unpopular and so I should be suspended. If I come back, I am not going to cook kokonte or banku?”

“It is the same thing I was doing that I will be coming back to continue. I cannot be changed because I know what some of the forefathers of this land have come to me in my dreams to tell me and so I am not going to change until Ghana becomes better for the lives of the youth to also be better. Maybe if I come back, they will collapse your business so I won’t come back,” he said.

While revealing attempts by his employer to get him back at Angel FM, Captain Smart noted that his decision was to save Dr Oteng from being targeted by political elements and putting the jobs of others at risk.

He thus urged the CEO to send him his dismissal letter which he said he will gladly accept.

“Yesterday, I met your lawyer and a lot of people have called me to tell me you want me to come back. But I respect you a lot and in order for your work not to be affected, I am begging you. I wouldn’t want the jobs of the youth working for you to be at risk for my sake. I don’t want anyone to be chasing you with taxes as you informed me yourself,” he stated.

Source: Ghanaweb


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