Capital FM’s DJ Lithium Commits Suicide While At Work

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Capital FM’s Alex Nderi alias DJ Lithium breathed his last on Wednesday evening at Nairobi hospital.

Sources say that DJ Lithium took rat poison while at Capital FM offices and left behind a suicide note.

After he took the poison, the deejay walked back to the offices and collapsed.

It is at this point that his workmates tried to resuscitate him but to no avail.

Before his demise, Lithium deleted all his social media accounts and texted close friends and family telling them he is gone.

He passed away while receiving treatment at Nairobi hospital.

Police visited the scene and picked the poison and other evidence as investigations into the incident go on.

Kilimani head of police Muturi Mbogo said Lithium was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and was confirmed dead on arrival.

“We understand that he swallowed poison in his office after a series of events,” Mbogo said.

The incident happened at Lonroh House in the Central Business District but the hospital reported to the police minutes later.

His colleagues were in a mourning mood Thursday morning. They cited family issues as part of the reasons he died by suicide.

“He had his family issues that he cited as the motive for the incident. We are shocked,” said one member of the staff.

His colleagues said he was a versatile DJ that can play everything from R&B to Hip Hop but his strength lies in EDM and Afro-house.

Source: The Star

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