Bright Simmons Says FreeSHS Will Turn Secondary Schools Into Syto Very Soon

Vice President of IMANI Africa, Bright Simons, has predicted that the Free SHS programme will compromise the quality of tuition enjoyed in public senior high schools.

According to him, the programme could potentially turn all the second cycle institutions into ‘syto’ just like it is happening at the primary school level.

Tweneboa SHS OMG

‘Syto’ is a jargon that is ascribed to government basic schools and is generally noted for poor academic performance and overcrowded classrooms.

Bright Simons believes the country is headed for the ‘syto’ direction with its secondary level education if nothing is done about how the Free SHS is been implemented.

In his view, the Free SHS will become an albatross around the neck of politicians who will only compete on which party invested more in it when it was in power.

“Free SHS will end up turning all the public secondary schools in Ghana into “syto” like it happened with primary schools. Just as analysts predicted. BUT it has become Ghana’s version of the UK’s NHS. No one can touch it! Politicians can only compete on who will INVEST MORE into it,” Bright Simons tweeted.

The Free SHS programme was implemented by the Akufo-Addo-led administration in 2017 as a fulfilment of a major campaign promise in 2016.


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