2 Brazilian Politicians Settle Differences By Having Three-Round Fight

Two politicians in Brazil jumped in the ring with one another to settle a score, rather than resolve it in the more expected – and polite – way.

While most political differences are argued and debated in parliament, the mayor of Borba, Simão Peixoto, and former councilman, Erineu Alves Da Silva, went toe-to-toe instead.

Da Silva, who is also known as Mirico, called out Peixoto a couple of months ago, stating that he wasn’t a fan of his leadership.


According to local reports, Mirico wasn’t best pleased with the mayor’s handling of Balneário do Lima, which is a park in the city.

And in a video posted online, the irate ex-council worker demanded that the pair go up against one another.

Peixoto duly accepted the challenge. Taking to his Facebook page, he wrote:

“I’m not a street fighter… I’m the mayor of the municipality of Borba.

“But if he really wants to fight… we’re ready to fight… I’ve always been a winner.”

He even shared a short clip of him in training for the fight.

And on 12 December, the pair finally got into the ring together.

In footage of the bout, the two men can be seen throwing some wild punches and kicks, with a couple landing and clearly hurting the one another.

After a brutal three-round fight, Peixoto was declared the winner, despite Mirico seeming to have the best of it, rocking the mayor with a few shots.

According to reports, the crowd felt that the wrong man was victorious, with some even heard shouting ‘stitch up’ at the end.


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