On 19th August 2017, citizens of Togo decided to stand up against a constitution which was stripped in 2002 by the current government which allows him to rule without a term limit.

Togo was the first country to vote for term limits in 1992 but in 2002, after the death of the father of the current president, the constitution was stripped, allowing him to stay in power forever with no term limits.

This is what the people of Togo are fed up with and are saying, enough is enough and they staged a protest to voice out their frustration.

During the protest, the military opened fire on the citizens, killing 7 in the process. Unfortunately for the soldiers, the citizens managed to capture 7 soldiers, each representing one of the people they killed but as a sign of peace, they let them go without any harm.

This was to prove that they are not brutal and also to send a strong signal to the government that they can also do the unthinkable.

This was really a touching story and this is how it was Tweeted by Farida Nabourema.