“Brain Yangu Ilishrink” Mr Seed Opens Up After Surviving Scary Car Accident

Mr Seed  and several of his colleagues were lucky to survive a deadly accident that occurred on April 29, this year.

The former gospel artists opened up about the incident in a recent interview with SPM Buzz saying that he is yet to recover, fully but he is grateful that he can now walk without the help of crutches.

“I have not recovered 100%. There are times I feel pain. I can’t stand for long. There are also places that I can’t sit on for long like wooden surfaces or plastic chairs but at least currently I don’t walk with crutches but slowly I will just get there,” he said.

Mr Seed
Mr Seed

Mr Seed added that the whole incident has taught him to appreciate life. According to him, he initially saw life as a normal thing but he is currently scared because it can be lost instantly.

“Until now, the incident is in my head and it is so crazy but God is good,” he said, adding  that he is still undergoing therapy.

He also revealed that the accident left him with brain damages that he sometimes blacks out.

“When it happened, I knocked my head on the car. When I did a CT scan, I was told my brain was shaken and it shrunk. There are times I zone out. I can just be seated like this focusing on something, someone might think that there is a very important thing I am looking at but I am blank for like 5 minutes before I regain consciousness. Remembering the whole thing, the trauma, I don’t think it will leave me now but at least I have the courage right now. I have been confined at home for like 3months, I have only done two appearances, once I am done I go back and stay in the house because I am scared but at least right now, you see am even on a video shooting set, it has been a minute. I was very nervous before this shoot, I am used to shooting but  this one I was like an upcoming artist. The accident also was like a factory reset, it was awake up call, like you need to take care of your family, I learnt a lot of things,” Mr Seed further said

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