This Woman Using Boyfriend As Human Chair Sparks A Huge Debate Online

A viral photo of a man on all fours in a subway station with a woman using his back as a chair is being circulated online.

The post which was posted by the Instagram account Subway Creatures was captioned with, “And they say chivalry is dead.”

woman human chair

The woman in the picture is a TikTok user who goes by the name @sti1es on the short-video app. In the pictures posted by SubwayCreatures on September 17, she is seen wearing a lime green halterneck top and white jeans.

TikToker @sti1es, who appears to be the woman from the viral photo, posted a video on Saturday of her human seat in real-time. “[T]his summer’s must-have accessory is boy chair,” she captions. Holding her camera above herself, @sti1es playfully shows various angles of her seated atop a man on his hands and knees.

This unusual seating arrangement sparked Instagram and TikTok conversations about the nature of the human chair gesture and the pair’s relationship.

“She’s his dom no doubt,” Instagrammer @pinkcrayontrain commented. Many fellow grammers agreed, like @justfroggy_slp who wrote, “Ummmm not chivalry. I’m pretty sure she walks him on a leash lots of the time.”

More admiration followed when Instagram user @sti.les commented,

“hey that’s me.” Replying to her, @pulchritudelove wrote, “LMFAOOOO officially a legend, not that u weren’t already.”


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