Bodyguards Use Umbrellas to Cover French President Macron from Tomatoes Thrown at Him

A protester launched tomatoes at French President Emmanuel Macron as he made a walkabout after his reelection victory at a market in Paris.

Macron was on a meet the people tour in Cergy, North West of Paris when he became the target of the tomato protestor.

According to the Daily Mail the president was shielded from the spicy projectiles as his bodyguards deployed umbrellas to cover him.

Macron Being Shielded From Tomatoes

The security officers could be heard shouting “projectiles”‘ as they scrambled to shield Macron. While the security team opened umbrellas, the president was seen lifting his hands above his head to stop the cherry red rain of tomatoes.

The president downplayed the incident, saying:

“It is not serious.”

From an alternative view, the lone actor is seen launching himself on a table before flinging the tomatoes before he is detained.

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