Somebody Modified A BMW With A Machine Gun And Dropped It Off As A Gift To Ukrainian Police

Ever since the Russians invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the world is experiencing nothing but chaos and crisis. From stories of people fleeing their homeland and entering foreign land as refugees to others heading towards Ukraine to help out, the world is in total disorder right now.

The Ukrainian police in the city of Mykolaiv had a surprise gift dropped off at their doorstep in the form of a BMW 6 series which turned up with Ukrainian flags and a machine gun turret.

bmw machine gun ukraine

According to reports, the sports car was deposited outside the police station in the Ukrainian city, which has witnessed half of its population leave in just a week due to the Russians invading Ukraine.

However, wanting to fight off the Russian invaders, someone put in the effort to customize a BMW with Ukrainian flags, emblems, and much more, and dropped it off at the local police station. They also added what looks like a machine gun turret to the back of the BMW 6 Series convertible, reported The Daily Star.

Underneath the customized car’s deadly weapon is a message for the Russian invaders. It reads, in Russian:

“Russian warship, go f*** you.”

The report added that the machine gun on the car is apparently the NSV machine gun.


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