Bishop Bernard Nyarko Came To My Dream And Gave Me This Message For Ghanaians – Lady Reveals

Ophelia Afia Asante, a young lady from Assin-Fosu has revealed that Bishop Bernard Nyarko came to her in a dream to give her a message to deliver to the world.

According to Ophelia, her dreams usually contain events that happen in real life and the manner in which she saw Bernard Nyarko deliver the message to her is proof that it is urgent, real and needful.

Ophelia indicates that when she saw the late Kumawood actor in her dream, she was terrified and interestingly, nobody around her in the dream could see the actor.

Bishop Bernard Nyarko reportedly dressed neatly like a person who was travelling and told Ophelia that he was truly lucky she could see him, as he had been looking for someone to give the message to, since the day of his demise.

Finally, the late bishop asked the young lady to tell the people of the earth they should not put all their heart in the riches of the world because it’s not all that important and becomes useless after death.

According to Ophelia, Bishop Nyarko said the number one thing everyone should pursue all the days of their life is the word of God.

Ophelia Afia Asante said that when Bishop had finished the message, he was caught up to heaven in a glorious manner and she awoke from her dream. Bishop Bernard Nyarko was laid to rest on June 27, 2020.


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