Over the weekend, H.E. Nana Addo announced that the free SHS will commence in September this year.

Although it has been condemned by a section of Ghanaians who believe it won’t work, these Ghanaians have hope it will work and Ghana will be a better place.

1.ย The believer.


2. Kobby strongly believes it will work.


3.ย He prays for support for Nana…


4. Hope for the future.


5. Some couldn’t help smiling all the way home.


6. Satisfied.


7. No more excuses.


8. Mustapha Hameed has this to say…


9. Ah!! Well…


10. For those who doubt the feasibility of the Free SHS.


11. Yeah!! He is…


12. He believes it will open access for poor families.


13. He thinks we have the money, it is all about choices.


14. He is of the opinion it should be welcomed.


15. He seems impressed.


16. He says give birth…


17. An excited supporter…


18. He’s concerned about the quality.


19. He believes loopholes shouldn’t be a problem.


20. More praises….


21. Hope for the Ghanaian child.


22. Happiness knocks on the door.

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