We Will Behead John Mahama If He Allows EC To Compile New Voter’s Register

One of the members of the communication of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has threatened that they will behead former President John Mahama if he allows the Electoral Commission (EC) to compile a new voters’ register.

Besides, he predicted boldly amid swearing that there was no way Ghana would not experience a civil war this year.

The man, who made the fiery statement, has been identified as Gabriel Agah, one of the NDC elements who frequent radio stations to spew propaganda for the party.

Gabriel Agah

He is believed to be calling himself a founder of a group called “Friends of Atta Mills” and is believed to be mainly based in the Ashanti Region.

He made the intemperate statement on a private radio station called Oyerepa (Good Wife) FM based in Kumasi when national issues were being discussed, including the EC’s plans to compile a new biometric voters’ register for the December 2020 general election.

Speaking in Twi, he said

“the registration will not come on today or tomorrow. Wallaahi! It will never happen in this country. If the NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo think they have balls, let them begin the voters’ registration.”

“We will show them that Ghana does not belong to them. Why? What has happened in Ghana? What extraordinary thing has Akufo-Addo done for Ghana that he wants to, at all costs, ascend the presidential seat again? Wallaahi! Allah! It will not happen today or tomorrow,” he declared.

Agah pointed out,

“Until all of us come to a consensus, we will not allow anybody to use his position to do what he or she pleases. We could have done more than that,” adding “we are just quietly watching them. We will not allow them to have their way. What they are trying to do is to turn Ghana upside down. They are simply joking.”

“This plain thievery they want the EC and the National Identification Authority (NIA) to perpetrate on us will be resisted. If they want the new registration to come on, then they should allow the NIA to come and do mop-up in the regions the NDC is complaining of low registration for the Ghana Card before we proceed to do the voters’ registration,” he added.

One person in the studio, who appears to be the NPP’s representative on the show, then remarked sarcastically that it was the Togolese the NDC wants on Ghana’s register and that was why they were agitated over the new register, and Agah replied that

“the Togolese are also Ghanaians or you don’t know that? The people on the Ghana-Togo border are indeed Ghanaians. You cannot tell me that the people on the border are not Ghanaians because they farm in Togo.”

He then said

“Nana (referring to the host), this 2020 general election, if Ghana does not experience civil war it means there will never be a civil war in the country.”

“We will never allow this to happen. JM (referring to the NDC flag bearer, ex-President John Mahama) will be beheaded if he allows this plain-white thievery to be perpetrated. I’m telling you we shall behead JM if he allows it,” he fired.

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