BBC Commends Janet Mbugua’s “Period Parties” Initiative

An excited Janet Mbugua has shared news of her latest development on her virtual #periodparties, a series that BBC has taken a keen interest on.

The former news anchor posted on her Facebook page that BBC has recognized and featured her series.

The #periodparties series was founded in the peak of COVID-19 under her Inua Dada umbrella. She hosted the shows through channels like Instagram Live.

The programs target women and girls while also addressing challenges that this demographic faces.

Thanks to the mass following on her parties and social media, BBC Africa was keen to take notice.

“A few weeks ago I hosted a series of virtual #periodparties on my social media platforms and I’m so glad they got featured by BBC News Africa.” She posted on Facebook.

Period parties is not just an initiative for Kenyans. The guests and participants on the platform were diversified.

They shared their experiences on some of the social beliefs that are often pegged to menstruation in different contexts.

At the parties, the women were encouraged to be comfortable and honest about who they are.

Janet acknowledges the efforts of the Government of Kenya in launching the Menstrual Health Management strategy.

However, she thinks that there is still a lot that needs to be done in order to combat period poverty.

“But #periodpoverty remains a glaring gap, one I hope we can intentionally and aggressively campaign to end.” She said while thanking all the participants of the parties.


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