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Ghana’s vice president Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia is known for asking some 170 questions the NDC could not answer.

He is however famously known for having a very beautiful wife.

This is Samira Bawumia, the Second Lady of Ghana and wife to Dr. Bawumia.


Ghanaians can’t think far about the Second Lady’s beauty every time she steps out and have these questions for the vice president to answer too.

Thanks giving Service last Sunday .

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PS: Dr. Bawumia, please don’t be a Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur.

1. Where did Dr. Bawumia sleep the night before he met Samira Bawumia? The place could be a Mecca for many


2. What is the minimum requirement to get a Samira as a wife?

Samira Bawumia


3. What was the first thing he said that made Samira say “Awww, you’re cute!” People want to learn


4. Did Samira ask for too much cash when Dr. Bawumia was doing the chase?

Gratitude #changeiscoming

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5. We know text messages weren’t too much during Dr. Bawumia’s chasing days. But on a general note, what was the minimum wait time for Samira to reply his messages? Minutes, hours, days, weeks or months?


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6. How much ‘chase time’ did it take for Samira to finally say ‘Yes’? People need the motivation to persevere

It was amazing . Thank you Family . #iamforChange #iam4Nana #ChangeIsComing

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7. How many other guys were you in competition with? We sure know you weren’t alone in that race.


8. Did you have to lie at some point to be the cool guy and up your points in getting Samira to say yes to you?

Dr. Bawumia And Samira


9. In economic terms, how did you handle your scale of preference when it came to your books, other stuff and spending time with Samira to make her like you?

With my husband, Vice President-elect Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia At the Npp's Thanks giving Service last Sunday.

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10. What was the estimated cost of all the gifts you bought, pizzas, drinks and cash tips as you tried to seem cool and make Samira like you? You can’t tell us you didn’t pay.

I was once again amazed by the talent and quality of the production.

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The questions are not limited to these. You can add yours in the comment section as Ghana’s vice president prepares to answer and set all our hearts at peace.

Now, check out how people are loving the amazing dress Samira Bawumia wore to Nana Addo’s inauguration.