This Man Has Been Banned From Flying For Wearing Thong As A Face Mask

A man says he has been ‘banned’ from flying with United Airlines after he wore a thong as a face mask during a recent flight. Watch below:

Adam Jenne, from Cape Coral, boarded a flight from Fort Lauderdale Airport bound for Washington, DC, on Wednesday (15 December).

But rather than wearing the standard face mask most people have taken to using over the the past couple of years, he decided to make a statement, donning a bright red thong.

banned wearing thong

However, the stunt didn’t go down too well with cabin crew, who confronted Mr Jenne about his mask and kicked him off for refusing to comply with the rules.

Speaking to Fox News, Mr Jenne said it was a farce and that he doesn’t believe the masks make a difference.

He said:

“There’s nothing more absurd than having to wear a mask until I get to cruising altitude so that I can order Tito’s by the double and snack on pretzels.

“And illustrating that absurdity by wearing women’s underwear on my face sounds perfect.”

Mr Jenne told NBC News that it was all just completely ridiculous.

“It’s all nonsense, it’s all nonsense,” he told the channel

“COVID doesn’t know that we’re at cruising altitude. It’s stupid. The whole thing is theatre.”

Mr Jenne explained that this isn’t the first time he has worn a thong on a plane, revealing that he has done it about two dozen times in the past.

And he said that each time he has been met with a different reaction from airline staff.

“Every single flight has been met with different reactions from the flight crew,” he said.

“Some with a wild appreciation, others confrontational.””

But while you might think that this would be a pretty cut and dry issue, with Mr Jenne being booted off and the plane then heading of on its merry way, it wasn’t.


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