Baby Born With Two Penises Ends Up Having The Bigger One Chopped Of

A Brazilian boy born with two penises ended up having his bigger one chopped off, medics have revealed.

His members were conjoined at the base because of his one-in-5million birth defect.

Doctors at the Federal University of Sao Paulo were originally planning on removing the two-year-old’s right penis — which was smaller. Examinations showed his left penis didn’t function correctly because its urethra was too narrow for urine to pass through.

Baby Born With Two Penises

The boy, who wasn’t identified, wasn’t even left with a stump because surgeons were able to completely detach his extra penis.

Detailing the case in the Journal of Pediatric Urology, surgeons did not explain why the boy’s issue was only fixed when he was two.

The authors also didn’t say how much bigger his left penis was.

Marcela Leal da Cruz and colleagues said the defect — known as diphallia — has only ever been spotted 100 times in history, with the first known case in 1609.

Experts estimate the condition affects about one out of every five to six million baby boys.

How diphallia occurs is unclear with no known single risk factor — but it’s thought to happen by chance when genitalia develops in the womb.

Patients can either have complete diphallia, when both penises are well developed, such as in the Brazilian boy’s case, or partial diphallia, when one penis is smaller or deformed.

Earlier this month MailOnline reported a case of an Uzbekistani boy born with two completely functional penises.

The unidentified boy, from the country’s capital, Tashkent, lived with the condition for seven years without physical discomfort.

Unlike the Brazilian boy, the Uzbekistani child was able to pass urine out of both of his penises, which were conjoined at the shaft.

The case comes after a world first last year where Iraqi medics reported a boy being born with three penises, a defect known as triphalia.


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