Azumah Nelson Says He Always Wanted To Become President Of Ghana

Ghanaian Former Professional Boxer, Nelson Azumah has recounted his childhood ambition.

azumah nelson ghana

According to him, his dream as a child was to be the President of Ghana.

“As a child, you would say whatever you want to do. If I didn’t do boxing, I would want to be a president. I said what I wanted to do,” he said.

Speaking to Agyemang Prempeh on Legends show on Tv XYZ about why he ventured into boxing, Mr. Azumah revealed that his dad used to be a boxer.

“My dad loved boxing but my grandfather won’t allow him to go that so when I was young… my dad took me out to watch a boxing match… When we got there, two small boys were fighting but one was older than the other. When they were done, I saw tears run down the small boy’s eyes as I saw him cry I felt the older one had cheated on the small boy so I told my dad I want to fight with the older boy and he said okay but I insisted on fighting right now not know there is a process you have to go through before you can fight but I was thinking if it’s fighting then let’s go right now because the older boy had cheated the small boy so I wanted to fight for the small boy. I think I slept and woke up the next morning, I realized I was home and I told my dad to take me to where they fought yesterday,” he added.

“As time went on three to four years later, I went to my mom’s family house at timber market there, I saw a man with small boxing shoes on his shoulders walking with a small boy.

“Looking at the size of the shoes and the small boy, I realized the shoes would be for the small boy so I approached the man and asked him if the boy is a boxer and told the man I could beat the boy because looking at the size of the boy who is a boxer then I can beat him so I told him to let’s fight right now.

“The man said No and gave me directions to come to the gym the next day where fights are held. The next morning, he gave me time so I went to call two of my friends to come with me to go boxing. When we got there, I called the man that I was in and he asked who I was? I said I was the one who said he was going to beat you and he remembered.

“He gave his son and me gloves and gave us time to fight. As we started anytime I throw a punch then he dodges then hits me but my friends were there and they thought I could do something but the small boy beat me mercilessly. We closed and took the gloves off. I left with my friends all in silence and while we walk along I was thinking I embarrassed my friends as we all dispersed to our homes.

“As I got home I was thinking about why I could t beat the boy but judging based on how he threw his punches I realized I could have done it this way. I went back to the gym the next day but this time without my friends. The man saw me when I got there and gave me gloves to fight. We fought and this time too he beat me but I realized I did well.

“I came home and went the following day we fought again but I was judging the fight on my side and realized this time he was not able to beat me neither did I so then I was improving.

On the fourth time when we fought I beat him,” he stressed.


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