Former Atheists In Kenya Secretary Seth Mahiga Withdraws The Society’s Money Months After Meeting Jesus Christ.

Seth Mahiga who resigned back in May last year after claiming to have found Jesus Christ and that he was no longer interested in promoting atheism in East Africa was found to have fraudulently withdrawn funds from the group’s bank account without the authority of the executive committee.

Further condemning the incident, President Harrison Mumia reassured members of the society that all necessary steps will be made to ensure that the culprit is brought to book.

“This is shameful for a man who claimed to have met Jesus Christ,” the statement noted.

Seth Mahiga declared publicly he had resigned from the Atheists in Kenya Society, where he served as secretary-general for about two years, in July 2021.

At the time, he said he had found Jesus Christ and was no longer interested in promoting atheism.

Interestingly, the president of the society, while announcing his resignation, wished Mahiga

“the best with his newfound Lord Jesus Christ”.

The statement sounded sarcastic to some Kenyans on social media, considering that the group is irreligious and does not believe in the existence of Jesus or any deity.


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