Apple Sued For Millions Over Claims It Secretly Decided To Slow Down Older Phones

The American multinational technology company is being sued by consumer rights campaigner Justin Gutmann.

Gutmann has claimed Apple rolled out a software update which it knew would slow down some consumers’ phones, but that it advertised it instead as improving performance.

Millions of iPhone owners could be reimbursed if Apple loses the suit.

In January 2017, Apple released a software update which led to older iPhone models’ performance being negatively impacted.

The part of the update which caused the issues was an undocumented battery management system.

While it helped prevent older iPhones from shutting down completely without warning, it made the performance of the models a lot slower.

Gutmann has argued that users weren’t warned about the potential lags and delays such an update would cause their phones.


He also stated they also weren’t given the option to disable the setting. Gutmann has subsequently launched a claim against the company at the Competition Appeals Tribunal.

The claim includes the following models: SE, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The consumer rights campaigner has argued that Apple knew full well that some older iPhone users’ devices would be compromised and negatively affected in speed by the update, but proceeded to push consumers into updating their phones anyway.

He also suggested they should have done ‘the honourable and legal thing by their customers’ and instead offered a replacement programme for the batteries, a recall or compensation.

Gutmann claims the company knew the batteries wouldn’t be able to keep up with the update and would ‘throttle’ the phones.

He accused Apple of having deliberately ‘misled people’ and ‘conceal[ed]’ the tool in the software update which ‘slowed [people’s] devices by 58 percent’.


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