Ansu Gyabour Boldly Replies Ken Agyapong For Alleging That He K!lled Ahmed Suale (Video)

Several news portals earlier reported on the MP for Assin Central, Hon. Kennedy Akompreko Agyapong daring the Ghana Police to do the needful with the goal for Ghanaians to know the enemy of murdered Ghanaian journalist Ahmed Suale.

As per him, Ghana Police is attempting to conceal the names of the individual who murdered the investigative Journalist Ahmed in view of their political affiliation.

He reprimanded the Ghana Police Service for neglecting to be proactive in managing the enemies of the late journalist.

Nonetheless, Hon. Kennedy Akompreko Agyapong has expressed that, he has names of those engaged with the murder of the Amhed Suale and he has given the Ghana Police seven days to announce the name of the person who murdered Ahmed Suale in cold blood.

This is what he had to say in an interview on Kingdon as monitored by;

”I’m giving the Ghana Police Service a one-week ultimatum to announce those who killed Ahmed Suale or I will personally bring out the names of the people who killed Ahmed Suale”.

Well, Kennedy Agyapong has finally given out the name of the man who allegedly murdered the late Ahmed Suale.

As per him, the late Ahmed Suale was murdered by one man called Ansu Gyeabour.

Kennedy Agyapong uncovered that the Ghana police know the individual who murdered Ahmed Suale and have deliberately not made the name available to the public.

He further uncovered that the said man is stowing away in Kumasi per the reports presented to him by the police.

Despite the fact that Kennedy Agyapong didn’t give any visual proof of the said Ansu Gyeabour, an image of a specific man by a similar name who was accused of fraud by the Ghana Police Service in 2020 has been getting out and about on social media for some days now.

The continuous conversations have forced the man to slither out of his shells and respond to the claims.

In a viral video chnaced on by our outfit, Ansu Gyeabour disclosed that he has no idea of the incident, lashing out at those who keep circulating his pictures..

He presumes that he is being singled out due to his case at the Ghana Police Service and spoke to individuals not to ever connect him with the murder of the investigative journalist.

Checkout the video below;


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