Just In: AMSP Secures The Supply Of A Critical Covid-19 Drug To Africa

The African Medial Supply Platform (AMSP) which was launched by the African Union to coordinate immediate response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Africa has made a major breakthrough as it has successfully secured the availability of critical Covid-19 drug for hospitals across Africa.

The initiative will result in the delivery of up to 9 million tablets of the corticosteroid drug call Dexamethasone which will be available to be distributed across all African States. The drug has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of severe Covid-19 cases and would be used only for severe Covid-19 patients.

Few weeks ago, the British Media reported that, Dexamethasone (a drug normally used to treat diseases like  rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and serious allergies) was found to work on extremely ill Covid-19 patients and has since been used by the British Health Service.

The drugs will be manufactured in the US and shipped directly to Africa.


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