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The average Nigerian is ‘hustling’ to meet his insatiable needs.

There’s that and the current economic situation of the country and when we read stories like this, we’re marvelled at the honesty and the braveness of the person(s) involved.


This is Joseph Akilo and he’s a guard with the Aviation Logistics and Management Limited (ALML)

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According to Sahara Reporters, Joseph is a junior staff at ALML and earns about N25,000

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Joseph recently found up $3,338 belonging to a passenger on Virgin Atlantic Airways flight out of the country to London, at the Lagos airport

He discovered the envelopes when he was clearing the check-in counters of the airline, after the closure of boarding.

Murtala Muhammad airport

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$3,338 is supposed to be 1.2 million naira

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Upon discovery, he took it to the Station Manager of Virgin Atlantic. One of the envelopes bore the identity of the owner.

The station manager immediately contacted the pilot who had to abort the flight and returned the aircraft. The pilot then called out the name of the passenger through the cockpit address system and the money was returned to him.


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And since then, everybody has had nice things to say about Joseph for returning the amount.

Because it’s very refreshing to see honest people in this day and age.

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This actually reminds us of the UBA security guard who returned a huge sum and he was rewarded for it.