African-Americans Are The Cause Of Their Own Problems – Farouk Al-Wahab

Experienced International Diplomatic Consultant, Farouk Al-Wahab has insisted that the disunification of the African race in the United States of America (USA) is a cause of the numerous problems they face.

He made this statement on the back of the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who died during a police arrest in Minneapolis.

Protests over police treatment of Floyd and other African Americans quickly spread across the United States and internationally.

To him, if African Americans and African immigrants were united in the USA, they would have been a priority group in the country and incidents like George Floyd’s would not be recorded.

“The Spanish are united and have become more respected in the USA than the blacks. Why because they are united and accepting of anyone who speaks Spanish no matter the country they come from.”

He made this statement in an interview with Happy 98.9 FM’s Afrifa-Mensah, host of ‘Epa Hoa Daben’.

“African Americans to an extent are the cause of their own woes,” he said.

Citing various instances to support his assertion, he mentioned that the African-American does not respect and embrace their fellow blacks. He indicated that it was not uncommon to see an African-American police officer treat a fellow African roughly and worse than a white police officer would.

Farouk Al-Wahab, citing his own situation talked about how an African-American license instructor failed him when he was applying for a driver’s license in the USA only for a white instructor to pass him for the license.

“The white instructor told me he saw in my details that I had been at their facility in the morning and was failed. But he was not surprised at my failure when he saw the name of my previous instructor, Clarke who was an African-American. “Clarke will fail every African-American. That’s what the white instructor told me.”

He opined that even the court system in America refuses for an African-American Judge to preside over a case involving an African-American suspect.

“The black judge will jail a black man severely and excessively than a white judge.”

The diplomat reasoned that the African-American will never refer to an African from the continent as “my brother” but ask you whether you’re an African and treat one badly if you are. “Because they can’t embrace the African and embrace each other, they will always suffer.”

The only way for African-Americans to progress in the USA is for them to love themselves and be united rather than being hypocrites and suffering from delusions.


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