Abena Korkor Reveals She Started Having Sex At 5 Years Old

Nana Abena Korkor Addo has revealed some hidden secrets in her life that contributed to her current state of mind.

If you know Abena Korkor, you know she has a trademark of exposing men she has slept with but do you know why she does that?

This video chanced upon on social media has given meaning to why Nana Abena Korkor always tres to disgrace men (especially celebrities) she has slept with.

According to Abena Korkor, she started having sex at the young age of 5 after a neighbour [email protected] her.

She stated that although it has been over 27 years, she still remembers how she felt.

The bipolar patient added that her traumatic experience at age 5 made her hate men forever. She planned since that day to ruin the life of every man that tries to take advantage of her and she has followed her plan to the letter.

In Abena Korkor’s world, it was a man that created the monster she has become and every man must pay for that.

In the same video, Abena Korkor mentioned every single guy who has been in bed with her, from her neighbour at age 5 to the most recent celebrity who tried to sleep with her.

She placed generational curses on them and their famllies one after the other for ruining her life.

Watch the video below.


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