This 80-Year-Old Wants To Join The Ukrainian Army To Fight For His Grandchildren

An 80-year-old Ukrainian man’s photo has gone viral after he was trying to enlist himself in the army amidst the Russian invasion.

The man, with a bag in his hand, was photographed as he approached a Ukrainian soldier.

The image, taken at an unknown location, has gone viral on social media.

“An 80-year-old who showed up to join the Ukrainian army, carrying with him a small case with two T-shirts, a pair of extra pants, a toothbrush and a few sandwiches for lunch. He said he was doing it for his grandkids,” read the post on Reddit.

Take a look at the social media update that has been upvoted by over 15,300 users so far.

The widely circulated photo was also shared by former Ukrainian first lady Kateryna Yushchenko on Twitter.

Social media users were impressed by the elderly man’s patriotic gesture.

A user wrote, “God bless Ukraine and all her faithful defenders.”

Another said, “I’m getting close to that age, and if called upon, I will do the same.”

“Heroes are everywhere and at every age,” was the sentiment on the social media platform.


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