Shocking: 500 Trained Soldiers Recruited Secretly For Western Togoland

Sine morning, Ghanaian separatist group Western Togoland has been dominating the news after taking over Juapong in a bid to seek independence from Ghana.

From the look of things, it seems the people of Western Togoland have been preparing themselves for the worse behind the scenes.

Fresh reports coming in indicate that some 500 new recruits have passed out from the Military academy of Western Togoland.

One “Akplaga Sogbolisa” who seems to be affiliated to them shared photos of their recruitment ceremony on Facebook.

Captioning the post, he wrote

“Another successful passing out ceremony here at Western Togoland for 500 junior and senior officers at the 3 camps”

From the foregoing, it’s easy to believe that it is these group of their so-called soldiers that they’re using to carry out their obnoxious activities.


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