34 Couples Take Part In Mass Wedding, Citing High Cost Of Living

Joy and celebrations was witnessed at the St. Pauls Enjinja Catholic parish in Matungu, Kakamega County, after 34 couples solemnised their marriages in a mass wedding.

The 34 couples exchanged vows in a colourful ceremony at the church. Enjinja Catholic priest Ian Kafuna said that the high cost of living was pushing couples into mass weddings.

“I can tell you that many people in my congregation have already expressed a desire to take part in mass weddings citing the high cost of living,” noted Kafuna.

Mass wedding at the St.Pauls Enjinja Catholic parish in Matungu, Kakamega

One of the couples, Petronilla Ngosia Oteng’o, told Wananchi Reporting that many people were shelving the traditional one-couple-wedding idea, and instead going for mass weddings because one does not have to spend money exorbitantly.

“I am urging those who have not wedded, to do so if they can,” said madam Petronilla.

A similar mass wedding was held at the church in 2017, where 71 couples had their marriages solemnised.

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