26-Year-Old Ghanaian Arrested In India For Overstaying And Running Cyber Fraud Company

(TheHindu.com) The north east cyber crime police, while pursuing a cyber fraud, detained a 26-year-old Ghana national who was not only overstaying in the city of Bengaluru, India but also running cyber frauds to cheat people online.

Based on a complaint, the police tracked down the accused through the CDR and the bank account details he was operating, intercepted the motorcycle he was riding and detained him for questioning.

Probe revealed that the accused Samuel Christian was overstaying in the city after expiry of his travel documents and running the racket, the police said.

cyber fraud ghana

He, along with his associate, identified as Happiness, borrowed debit cards and bank details from two persons in Tripura and used them to divert the fraud money into their account.

The accused would also borrowed the SIM cards in the names of the different people using them cheat people online.

Christian smashed a phone on the ground as soon as he was caught to destroy the evidence . The police seized the damaged mobile phone along with another phone he was using, three SIM cards and two debit cards from him.

The modus operandi was that the accused would cheat people using different methods, including offering them online jobs, luring them with lottery money and updating KYC. The money would then be diverted to the bank accounts belonging to two persons in Tripura, whose debit card the accused was using . The accused was also suspected to be paying some money to the bank account holders for using their account , which is being investigated , a police officer, said .


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