21 Dead After Driver Knowingly Crashed Bus Over His House Demolition

Following the demolition of his house on July 7, a Chinese driver knowingly crashed a full capacity bus that terribly ended with 21 dead people.

15 more people who survived were injured after the bus swerved across five lanes, smashed through a guard rail and then partially sank into a water reservoir.

According to local media reports, the driver who was identified only as Zhang was among those that lost their lives.

Out of 12 students aboard the bus, 5 of them were killed.

In a statement regarding the case, the Anshun Police of Southwestern China said the suicidal driver wanted to be noticed following the loss of his home.

“Zhang was unsatisfied with his life and with the demolition of his rented public house. I order to get noticed, he committed and extreme criminal act,” the statement indicated.

The statement further indicates that Zhang was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

As per the reports, Zhang usually checked into his work shift at noon. However, on July 7, he asked his colleague to let him report to work much earlier.

Zhang then proceeded to purchase a bottle of “Baijiu”, a strong Chinese alcohol which he poured into a plastic container.

Later on before he crashed the bus, he sent his girlfriend a tone of messages expressing his suicidal thoughts and how weary he was of the world.

He started drinking while he was still behind the wheel until the crash happened.

According to the police, Zhang had been offered the rental property back when he worked at a diesel engine factory in Anshun but he had not resided at the place for some time.

Instead, he applied for compensation and new housing.

However, his application for new housing turned down and Zhang was offered $10,360 which he allegedly did not claim.

Before long, he found out the house had been demolished rendering him homeless and broke on the day of the crash.

Police found at least 200ml of the baijiu alcohol near the crash site.


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